Tombow Dual Brush 108 Pen Set in Case


Now you can take all 108 Dual Brush Pens anywhere you go. The new convenient Tombow Marker Case will store and organise your favourite Tombow products.

108 slots allow a home for each of the Dual Brush Pens Tombow has to offer. The easy to use accordion-style base can be unfolded for desk use and will ensure that your workspace stays neat. When you’re ready to take your markers on the go just fold the base and snap the lid on either side. This durable and portable case allows you to stay organized and prepared wherever inspiration strikes.

Marker case measurements:
20.8 cm x 21.9 cm x 14.7 cm.

The 108 set features all the colours available, including the 12 newest colours added to the Tombow range:
131 Lemon Lime, 291 Alice Blue, 379 Jade Green, 401 Aqua, 403 Bright Blue, 407 Tiki Teal, 569 Jet Blue, 803 Pink Punch, 817 Mauve, 910 Opal, N49 Warm Gray 8, N52 Cool Gray 8.


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