Faber-Castell Gelatos


Nothing in the market today compares with Gelatos!

These water-soluble crayons are acid-free pigment sticks which glide on creamy and smooth with vibrant colours and coverage.

Each Set Contains:

• 4 x Gelatos
• 1 x Water Brush
• 1 x Stamp

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Gelatos are water-soluble pigment stick, (you can paint with them) they look similar to lipstick or lip balm. They come in a tube with a twist-up feature. Gelatos have a soft, silky texture that is similar to lipstick. Gelatos are made of a combination of emollients, wax and pigments.

Gelatos are also referred to as watercolour chalks that can be applied on a variety of different surfaces like paper, fabric, canvas and wood thanks to their creamy, smooth consistency. Gelatos can be transformed into a watercolour with a brush, smudged with the finger or stamped on. In addition to the wet techniques, Gelatos can also be used for dry techniques. They impress with vibrant colours and easy application. Gelatos are acid-free and odour-neutral.

Ways in which you can use Gelatos

Dry technique project: Blending on canvas, blending with a stencil, reducing with a baby wipe
and stamping with corrugated cardboard

Wet technique: Blending and dripping on watercolour paper, blending on structured paper.

You can apply Gelato straight to your surface and then go over it with a wet brush, dissolving the Gelato into a rich, vibrant watercolour. Another method to using Gelatos as watercolour is to apply some Gelato onto a palette, if you don’t have a painter’s palette an old plate or take out container lid works just fine. Then, drip some water and mix it with your paintbrush to create watercolour paint that you can then paint with.

Which surfaces can Gelatos be used on?

  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Wood
  • Canvas
  • Unglazed Ceramic
  • Any porous surface

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