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Undated Planner. List maker. Time keeper. Note taker.

Hardcover Journals

Available in A5 and A4 size. 195 lined pages. Place to insert the date. Soft touch feel with hardcover.

Colourful Magnetic Notepads

Notepad. Shopping lists. To-do-lists. Wish-lists. Lined pads with magnets for the fridge.

Customer Reviews

Starting work in February was an absolute breeze with this diary. It is so simple to follow, and has every detail I need.

I travel excessively to site for my job, you would think I would have had a crumpled diary by now, but thanks to the quality, it remains in immaculate condition. It has some really awesome introductory pages which are highly necessary in my opinion. I love the incorporation of Foodies South Africa recipes, it makes my week a little easier regarding dinners.

My favorite part is the monthly planner, it gives me a great overview for my tasks and I can go into more detail in the daily planner section.

Planning is my lifestyle, I like to be highly organised and this is just what I needed. A brilliant diary indeed, or should I say it truly lives up to its name, a Wow Diary.
Kelsey Chetty
I absolutely love my new Multi Planner. It has helped me so much with planning and organizing. At the beginning of my week, I sit down and write down my plans for the week.

This allows me to feel calm and relaxed for my week ahead, without stressing that I may miss something. I love that there are no dates so that if I don’t plan a day or a week, I’m not wasting paper or space.

During COVID, obviously there has been more time spent at home and less plans to be made, the multi planner feels more than just a regular planner as there is space to write down my thoughts, even if they’re not related to any plans. I love that there is a page for “My week at a glance” so that I can set out my week and visually see what the week ahead entails for me.

I seriously love my Multi Planner and cannot wait to use it for the rest of this year, and probably the next year as well.